Welcome to Bridgeporth
Bridgeporth is a specialist geosciences company founded in 2011 by a small team of highly qualified geoscientists with a combined experience of over 100 years. Bridgeporth was set up to provide specialist geoscientific services for a range of national and international operators in oil and gas exploration, mining, hazard mitigation, research and media industries.
Data acquisition
We have skills in acquiring both land and airborne high-res gravity and magnetic data
Data Management
Data processing
Bridgeporth has expert processors who can help transform and enhance your non-seismic data, regardless of its source
Integrated interpretation
Our interpreters have extensive potential field experience including integration with seismic, well, geochemical, and structural data
Project management
We can assist in making your non-seismic and seismic based projects work for you
Security and logistics
We are the only company in the non-seismic industry to provide in-house security and logistics capabilities using highly experienced, tier-1, full-time staff
Research and development
Bridgeporth has an extensive worldwide network of expertise to call upon across the entire geosciences disciplines
Training and related services
Bespoke training programs to demonstrate practice and procedures employed in potential field projects