AustinBridgeporth signs Madagascar FTG Survey Contract

Bridgeporth’s parent company, AustinBridgeporth are pleased to announced they have signed an agreement with Oyster Oil and Gas to acquire airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) survey in the southern part of Block 1101. The survey is due to start later this month and will total approximately 2,860 line kilometres. Dr Mark Davies, CEO at AustinBridgeporth commented: “We are excited to be working with the team at Oyster once again. Our aim is to provide Oyster the highest quality data to allow them to advance their exploration programme in Madagascar.” For more information click: Oyster Oil and Gas press release and Oyster Oil and Gas website  

AustinBridgeporth completes airborne FTG survey in Greenland

Bridgeporth’s parent company, AustinBridgeporth, has completed acquisition of an Airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) survey for Greenland Gas & Oil over their concession in the Jameson Land area of South Eastern Greenland. This is a new frontier oil and gas province that is thought to be closely related to the prolific producing fields of Mid Norway. The processing of the acquired FTG data is nearing completion and will complement the current 2D seismic data and contribute towards developing a better understanding of the structural and sedimentary components of the Jameson Land Basin. For more information click : Greenland Gas & Oil press release

Bridgeporth presenting at Paris EAGE workshop

Jonathan Watson, General Manager at Bridgeporth, will be presenting at an EAGE workshop on 12 June. His poster presentation will concentrate on the latest advances in gravity instrumentation, how to apply the correct technique for the correct target and how to maximise its impact on the exploration cycle. For more information click:EAGE 2017 workshop

Good things come in small packages

Bridgeporth are working with Glasgow University to deploy their sensitive MEMS based gravimeter in the exploration industry. Initial tests will involve acquiring data alongside a conventional land meter to compare the accuracy, repeatability and usability of this new technology with existing instruments. For more information read : wee-g-information sheet and the QuantIC website

Suriname – unlocking hydrocarbon potential

Take a look at the latest edition of GeoExpro……… AustinBridgeporth explore the application of FTG data and how it is a vital tool for unlocking the hydrocarbon potential of onshore Suriname. To read the article in full please click here: GeoExpro Vol 13 No.4  

Keeping your data safe

Bridgeporth and the British Geological Society (BGS) are pleased to announce a new service, GeoVault®, a data repository for non-seismic geophysical data. GeoVault® can take care of all your data management requirements, such as the organisation, conditioning and loading of exploration data. This frees you from a data management overhead and ensures that the data are readily accessible on demand from the secure central database server. For more information please go to or email

Gravimetry or Gravity Gradiometry – Which is the Correct Tool?

Bridgeporth’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Gary Barnes, will be participating in the forthcoming 78th EAGE Technical Programme in Vienna. Gary will be presenting on 3 June at workshop ‘WS16 – Potential Fields and their Gradient Tensors in the Integrated Inversion of Geophysical Data – New Advances and Perspectives’. He will discuss when gravity or gradiometry is the most appropriate measurement to be acquired and how this choice affects subsequent inversions for the target geology. For more information please click here: Potential Fields and their Gradient Tensors in the Integrated Inversion of Geophysical Data – New Advances and Perspectives

AustinBridgeporth and Staatsoile to conduct gravity survey over onshore Suriname

Bridgeporth’s parent company, AustinBridgeporth is to conduct a multi-client Broadband gravity survey. AustinBridgeporth in collaboration with Staatsoile Maatschappij N.V will acquire a combination of Full Tensor gravity Gradiometer (FTG) and scalar gravity data to provide a comprehensive database to aid future exploration activities. For more information please click here: AustinBridgeporth Staatsolie Suriname MC Broadband Gravity Survey