Useful data for unconventionals

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager, spoke recently at a Finding Petroleum event in London in October about the benefits of using potential field data in the exploration of unconventionals.  

Bridgeporth commences ERHC airborne gravity and magnetic survey in Chad

ERHC Energy Chad has announced the commencement of an airborne gravity and magnetic survey of BDS 2008 in Southern Chad flown by Bridgeporth Ltd. The acquired gravity and magnetic data covering North of Esso’s Tega and Maku discoveries in the Doseo basin and East of and on trend with OPIC’s Benoy-1 margin discovery in the Doba basin will also be processed and interpreted by Bridgeporth. Read the whole story here at ERHC’s website>  

Integration is key

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager delivered a webinar for Geosoft in August, re-iterating the importance of integrating  seismic and potential field data in an exploration program. The webinar was favourably received with a positive Question & Answer follow up to the talk. To watch the webinar and see the Questions and Answers, please go to>    

Bridgeporth presents…

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager spoke recently about the benefits of integrating potential field data with seismic data at Finding Petroleum event in London – Leading edge exploration in Africa. Jon will also being speaking at EAGE on Geosoft’s stand 1501. Find out more –  

ERHC Energy Chad contracts Bridgeporth for airborne gravity and magnetic survey of BDS 2008 in Chad

ERHC Energy Chad has announced the award of a contract for acquisition, processing and interpretation of gravity/magnetic data of BDS 2008 in Chad to Bridgeporth Ltd. Bridgeporth will fly 4,720 line kilometers over BDS 2008 in southern Chad commencing in the third quarter of this year. The Block is located on the northern edge of the Doba and Doseo basin, the site of active exploration and development projects with discoveries exceeding 1,290 MMBOE. Bridgeporth’s survey will focus on two main areas: north of Esso’s Tega and Maku discoveries in the Doseo basin; and east of and on trend with OPIC’s Benoy-1 margin discovery in the Doba basin. Read the whole story here at ERHC’s website>  

Bridgeporth advocates the use of Geosoft’s extensible software

Bridgeporth has an article in this month’s Geosoft Earth Explorer Magazine. Managing uncertainty: derisking oil exploration in complex environments, written by Dan Zlotnikov, highlights how Bridgeporth can help with managing risks in regions where there has been very little exploration due to security, political and security uncertainties. To read the article in full, please click : Geosoft Earth Explorer April 2014

Bridgeporth Featured in “Seismic Profile” Magazine

Bridgeporth was featured in the Winter 2013, Issue 6 of “Seismic Profile Magazine.” “A True Pioneer of Arctic Survey” is an article written by Rachel Braun about an Arctic expedition led by Tom Austin, the President and founder of Austin Exploration, in the late 1970’s. It highlights how far technology has progressed in the last 40 years alone, as he had to lead survey teams in the winter darkness without the aid of GPS. Tom is legendary in the industry for that trip–he identified 17 anticlines that were so big they didn’t know if they were looking at real or regional data. The second article, “Hunting for Elephants: Probabilistic Models of Risk Analysis and Uncertainty in Petroleum Exploration,” also by Rachel Braun, is an investigation on how oil and seismic companies use probability methods to assess prospects. With only 1…

Bridgeporth to Attend EAGE in Amsterdam

Bridgeporth to Attend EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam Bridgeporth is pleased to announce its upcoming attendance at the EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam, the 16th-19th of June.The 76th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2014 (in short: Amsterdam ’14) is the largest and most comprehensive geoscience event in the world. The six day programme includes a large conference, workshops, short courses, technical exhibition, student programme and field trips presenting the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering. In 2013, more than 8,300 visitors from around the world attended the event. Bridgeporth will exhibiting at booth 1500, so please come by and visit us! If you plan on attending EAGE and would like to schedule a meeting with one of Bridgeporth’s representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us at Bridgeporth is looking forward to seeing you there!  

Bridgeporth Welcomes New Chief Scientist Dr. Gary Barnes

Bridgeporth is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Gary Barnes to their team in the position of Chief Scientist. With over 17 years of experience as a scientist, physicist, and geophysical software engineer, Gary brings exceptional expertise to Bridgeporth. Gary is a founding member of a high-end technology airborne data acquisition company and served as their former Senior Geophysical Software engineer, where he developed innovative algorithms and software for airborne geophysical data. Previously Gary worked as the senior project engineer for Oxford Instruments, developing analytical and numerical techniques to model the magnetic fields around superconducting components. Gary has had an illustrious career in the geological sciences, having pioneered a superconducting gravity gradiometer prototype for the European Space Agency and acting as author and reviewer for journals in the field of geophysics. As an expert in gravity gradiometry (also known…