Bridgeporth Sponsors “Finding Petroleum: Leading Edge Exploration in Africa” Conference


Bridgeporth is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring in part the “Finding Petroleum: Leading Edge Exploration in Africa” Conference on March 26th, 2014. Bridgeporth places a high value on sponsoring the kind of quality discussions and technical presentations for which Finding Petroleum is known.

The one day event focuses on innovation in African exploration, a field in which Bridgeporth has industry-leading expertise.

The event focuses on where innovations might they be found; what are the key exploration themes; what new technologies do we need?

Some ‘hotspots’ might be:

Shale oil/shale gas:

Are the most promising rocks the Silurian ‘hot shale’ of North Africa and, at the opposite end of the continent, the Karoo of South Africa?

East African oil:

Can the oily rift plays of Uganda and, now, Kenya be extended to the north, into Ethiopia, and to the south, perhaps as far as Malawi? Is there a new oil play along the coastal margin/transition zone of Kenya and Tanzania?

Interior Intra-cratonic basins:

Can we figure out how to explore the data-poor regions of Chad, the CAR and the Sudans? Do early experiences of onshore Brazil offer some clues?


Is the sub-salt (or should that be the pre-salt?) of offshore Angola as significant as that offshore Brazil? Does this play extend into onshore Angola?

To learn more about the event and register, please visit: Leading Edge Exploration in Africa


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