Bridgeporth Welcomes New Chief Scientist Dr. Gary Barnes

Bridgeporth is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Gary Barnes to their team in the position of Chief Scientist. With over 17 years of experience as a scientist, physicist, and geophysical software engineer, Gary brings exceptional expertise to Bridgeporth.

Chief Scientist Gary Barnes

Gary is a founding member of a high-end technology airborne data acquisition company and served as their former Senior Geophysical Software engineer, where he developed innovative algorithms and software for airborne geophysical data. Previously Gary worked as the senior project engineer for Oxford Instruments, developing analytical and numerical techniques to model the magnetic fields around superconducting components. Gary has had an illustrious career in the geological sciences, having pioneered a superconducting gravity gradiometer prototype for the European Space Agency and acting as author and reviewer for journals in the field of geophysics. As an expert in gravity gradiometry (also known as full-tensor gravity, or FTG), he will also be assisting in Bridgeporth’s FTG QC projects.

Gary holds a first class degree in Physics from the University of Birmingham, a D.Phil in engineering science from the University of Oxford, and a Higher Education certificate in Geology from the University of London. He will be bringing his skills in potential fields, mathematical analysis, numerical modelling, inverse problems, and algorithm design and optimisation to the Bridgeporth team. “We’re excited to have such an accomplished scientist join our company,” said Dr. Mark Davies, founder and CEO of Bridgeporth Ltd. “Gary will be instrumental to Bridgeporth’s commitment to remain a pioneer in cutting-edge innovation in the potential fields industry.”

“Bridgeporth is an exciting and inventive new company that has already branched into several promising new ventures in a short amount of time. I’m delighted to join such a high-growth, fast-moving company,” said Gary.


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