New company added to ABI Group

The Board of ABI Holdings Ltd (AustinBridgeporth) are delighted to announce the establishment of a new company within the group. Arabian Geophysical Company LLC has been established to provide services to our growing in North African and Middle East market. The new company will provide air, land and marine exploration services to the hydrocarbon, mining, geotechnical, hydrological & hazards industries.

Professor Ali Abdelaziz has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Arabian Geophysical and brings a wealth of academic and industrial experience to the AustinBridgeporth Group. Professor Ali previously held positions as Professor of Applied Geophysics at the Egyptian Nuclear Materials Authority and for the last 15 years, the Chief Operating Officer of a regional airborne service company.

“We are very excited to add Arabian Geophysical to our portfolio of companies” stated AustinBridgeporth President & CEO Mark Davies. “We feel that to provide high end geophysical services in the region, it is imperative that we fully commit to setting up a centre of excellence, and this will be accomplished through our Arabian Geophysical Company.”

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