Dr. Mark Davies


Dr Mark Davies is CEO and founder of Bridgeporth Ltd. Mark is a geoscientist with worldwide experience in the interpretation of geophysical data; he has spent the last 20+ years working within the mining and hydrocarbon industry and within academia as a natural hazards specialist. A graduate in Geology from the University of Wales, Mark went on to attain a D.E.A. in Volcanology, magmatology and Atmospheric Physics at the University Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand, France where he attained the highest ever mark for a post graduate research project. This was followed by a PhD in volcano geophysics.

Previously, Mark was Chief Scientist at a high-end technology airborne data acquisition company and also acted as a senior consultant for a wide range of oil, gas and mining companies, advising them on their geophysical exploration challenges. His particular expertise is in the application of potential field and remote sensing data to the exploration and hazard mitigation industries. Mark has also written and presented a series of television and radio programmes in the US and UK on geoscience topics for the BBC, National Geographic and Discovery channels.