GeoVault® is a data management platform for non-seismic geophysical data. Geovault is integrated in the National Geoscience Data Centre (NGDC) which is recognized as the The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) Environmental Data Centre for geoscience data. Geovault provides a means to preserve your non-seismic geoscientific data and secure online access.

Outsource your non-seismic data

By outsourcing your data management to GeoVault® you can get rapid access via your web browser to all non-seismic geophysical data owned by your organisation as well as information on data available for licensing from major seismic vendors. Once your proprietary data is loaded into GeoVault®, it can be searched and retrieved through a secure web page.

GeoVault® gives you:

  • Improved access to your data
  • Centralised storage of your data within the NGDC providing secure, long term storage
  • The ability to share data with other company members or third parties
  • Cost effective data management access to 3rd party data libraries

GeoVault® provides:

  • Maps for searching for data geographically
  • Forms for searching by other criteria
  • Reports of search results and individual surveys
  • Data delivery via your web browser and offline for large data sets

GeoVault® enables you:

  • To catalogue and store your data
  • To secure your data
  • To preserve your data formats
  • To view public and tradeable data
  • Direct access through ESRI Map Services

For more information on GeoVault® please go to or email [email protected]