Bridgeporth provides an ‘Integrated Approach’ of overall project management, QA/QC, and OHS&E for all types of non-seismic survey and exploration operations undertaken by our clients.

From project inception through survey planning, acquisition management to integrated geological modelling and interpretation we can assist in making your non-seismic and seismic based projects work for you.

Our services include:

  • Contract and Bid Evaluation
  • Technical Audits
  • Survey Supervision
  • OHS&E Supervision and Management

The increased  use of Gravity Gradiometry (GG) also known as Full Tensor Gradiometry (FTG) or Airborne Gravity Gradiometry (AGG), has risen to prominence when the need for very high-resolution short wavelength sub-surface imaging is required. Our experts have a combined total of over 20 years operations, data quality control and interpretation experience within the gradiometer industry means that we are uniquely placed to provide an experienced independent knowledge resource on this specialised technique.

Occupational Health and Safety and Environmental policies and procedures are an integral part of our activities within the global oil and gas exploration and minerals sector. A thorough understanding of safety issues, and their implementation in practice, forms a fundamental requirement for all of our activities.