Security and logistics

Bridgeporth is the only company in the non-seismic industry to provide in-house security and logistics capabilities using highly experienced, tier-1, full-time staff.

Our team specialises in managing political, reputational, operational, and security risks in complex and hostile environments globally.

The Bridgeporth team has undertaken safe and successful security programmes in many of the world’s austere environments, from the Middle East to East Africa.

Fulfilled as a stand-alone or joint operating programme using trained and authorised local forces, Bridgeporth has the flexibility to enable safe, economic operation in the frontier exploration markets of the world.

Managing security risks

Securing your company from operational risks is a first priority for any management team. Losses of life, intellectual property, physical assets, and reputation can have a devastating impact on your business. Bridgeporth provides strategic consultancy, expert analysis, bureaucratic navigation, and on-the-ground protection and support to help prevent issues before they occur.


Developing a risk mitigation strategy is predicated on accurate and reliable intelligence. Intelligence is more than information alone. It is the process by which information is collated, verified, analysed and used to respond effectively to new situations.

Actionable intelligence not only tells you what the risks are and where they are, but where they will be when it matters to you.

Our services

Bridgeporth supports clients by providing technical knowledge, country expertise, strategic consultancy, expert analysis, and in-depth assessments.

From strategic advice to practical, on-the-ground services, we provide integrated security and logistics solutions to meet all our clients’ risk management challenges.

Local solutions, global reach

Our unique combination of services, geographical reach, and the trust our clients place in us ensure we can help them effectively address their operational challenges and realise new exploration opportunities around the world.

How it works: logistics

Bridgeporth has wholly owned Kenyan flagged aircraft, with access to a global fleet. Its permanent presence in Kenya, now with an expanded Aircraft Operating Division and maintenance facility, provides a centrally-located base to access the rest of the continent.

Its operators are Tier-1 expatriates with extensive experience in Africa. Its long-term presence has enabled programme managers to develop close ties with the key government stakeholders and a network of service providers. Bridgeporth has construction and trucking partners for rapid base camp and hangar establishment.

How it works: security

Bridgeporth coordinates the security you will need to successfully attain your project objectives, liaising on your behalf with local and national security forces.

Bridgeporth has the capacity to create, manage, and maintain appropriate security plans tailored to your needs. Throughout the life of your project, Bridgeporth will collect, analyse, and disseminate security risk-related information and data to crews operating on the ground and client management.

Our team

Bridgeporth is the only company in the industry to provide in-house security using experienced, tier-1, full-time staff.

Bridgeporth also maintains a full-time team of geopolitical risk analysts who monitor and track operating environments globally.

Manage risk: maximise opportunity

At the end of the day, operating in volatile, post-conflict regions requires preparation, accurate intelligence, and a comprehensive risk mitigation strategy.

Bridgeporth is the only non-seismic company in the industry that has an in-house security and logistics branch.

It can uniquely provide a degree of certainty and security to your project.

Bridgeporth’s approach of integrating risk mitigation practices and deploying the wealth of resources at its disposal makes it the best choice for any East African undertaking.