Processing Ascending

Bridgeporth’s Processing Department reached a significant milestone recently. The Processing Geophysicists in the department have processed over 500,000 line km of marine potential field data, that’s more kilometres than the circumference of Jupiter. In the 3 years since the department started it has not only processed marine potential field data but also airborne and land gravity and magnetic data that has been acquired by Bridgeporth or other service providers. Software used for processing is Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj together with proprietary Bridgeporth software. Other services provided are re-processing and merging of legacy datasets, mapping of satellite and Landsat imagery using GlobalMapper.  

Giving seismic an uplift with gravity and magnetics

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager champions the use of gravity and magnetics as a low-cost exploration tool that can deliver a cost benefit to exploration programs. In a recent article in Geosoft’s online magazine Earth Explorer, Jonathan advocates the use of gravity and magnetics in a variety of scenarios, such as frontier areas or seismically challenged areas, with minimal costs. To read the article in full, please click : Geosoft Earth Explorer June 2015