Bridgeporth is a specialist geosciences company founded in 2011 by an expert team of professionals.

It was created to provide multidisciplinary geoscientific and non-seismic mapping services to a range of national and international operators in oil and gas exploration, mining, corridor mapping, and research. It’s not just Bridgeporth’s combined management experience of over 150 years that sets it apart in the industry: it’s their determination to respond to their clients’ ever-changing exploration challenges. Whether it’s from land, the air, or the sea, Bridgeporth can provide you with a geoscience solution. It’s a multi-disciplinary force. Bridgeporth can project manage, acquire, process and interpret a variety of high-res geosciences data, whether it’s gravity, magnetics, LiDAR, hyperspectral imaging, photometric, or radiometric. Choosing Bridgeporth gives you access to unparalleled expertise spanning the entire hydrocarbon & minerals exploration time line, from frontier discovery through to asset identification and development. So whether you’re a government body, a super major oil company, or a small exploration firm, Bridgeporth can add value to your exploration efforts.