Hydrocarbon v. Minerals

The oil and gas industry relies on geophysical services over the entire life of the field. Bridgeporth supports these activities with airborne, ground and marine geophysical data and cover the full workflow from planning, operations and acquisition to processing, modelling, interpretation and data integration.

Bridgeporth can use non-seismic methods to aid in:

  • Oil sands
  • Frontier basin exploration
  • Volcanics
  • Sub basalt
  • Sub thrust and foothills
  • Sub salt

Within the energy sector, exploration companies rely on integrated approaches to better define projects early on, and minimise the risk of conducting expensive investigation before potential is determined.

Bridgeporth uses non-seismic geophysical solutions to support the integration of seismic interpretation, with gravity and magnetic methods suitable for potential field exploration, and effective characterisation of sub-salt and sub-sea environments.

Bridgeporth helps solve these challenges for energy explorers:

  • Airborne and land data acquisition globally
  • Processing, mapping, 3D modelling, and interpretation of gravity and magnetics to support potential field exploration in sub-salt, sub-volcanic, and deepwater environments
  • Environmental mapping, as well as transport and infrastructure corridor mapping
  • Bridgeporth is a gravity and magnetic solution leader within the oil industry, supporting the exploration programmes of the world’s largest and most successful energy companies

Be it a new venture or a brownfield development, Bridgeporth’s geophysical services enable timely provision of high quality data to support mineral exploration programmes, baseline and definitive feasibility studies, environmental monitoring and remediation works.

Bridgeporth has turnkey services include planning, operations, security and logistics, and acquisition to processing, modelling, interpretation and integration of complementary data. Bridgeporth offers a wide range of survey methodologies it can tailor solutions to meet exploration objectives within complex geological environments.