AustinBridgeporth to acquire airborne enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (eFTG), Gravity, Magnetics and LiDAR in Indonesia

Pertamina has chosen AustinBridgeporth in collaboration with PT. Mahakarya Geo Survey to acquire ‘enhanced Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry’ (eFTG) data. The airborne survey will acquire eFTG, fully integrated scalar gravity, magnetics and LiDAR data and will be flown onshore and offshore West Papua.

The objective of the survey is to deliver a detailed geological structure map which will provide new insight into the sub-surface and help reactivate exploration activities in the region. During the survey, Pertamina will receive fast-track ‘Interim Images’ that will build a picture of the subsurface as the survey progresses.

The ‘e’ in eFTG signifies the next generation of Airborne Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry technology combining the best design elements of all previous types of Lockheed Martin commercial gravity gradiometers.  The resulting 24 sensor triaxial measurement system provides the world’s highest signal-to-noise ratio of any gravity system in the world.

The eFTG also has a purpose-built scalar gravimeter which is fully integrated within the instrument itself. Designed to complement each other, the full tensor and scalar measurements ensure gravity anomalies from shallow and deep geological sources are mapped in the highest possible resolution and accuracy.

AustinBridgeporth are the exclusive providers of Lockheed Martin’s eFTG technology.  Dr. Jim Archibald, General Manager of Lockheed Martin Gravity Systems, said “The eFTG is the world’s most advanced gravity gradiometer system and we are delighted to offer it to the exploration community. Pertamina will be the first company in Asia to have access to this exciting new technology and we look forward to seeing the results from the upcoming Indonesian survey.”

Magnetic data will also be acquired to augment the eFTG data to help identify the presence of any volcanic rocks. A wide scan angle LiDAR system will also be deployed providing a broad swathe of terrain data along the survey lines used for gravity data processing and surface geological mapping.

This suite of geophysical data will fast-track Pertamina’s exploration workflow by rapidly collecting valuable geological information which can be integrated with existing geophysical and geological data to rank areas for further exploration.  Prior to a survey, AustinBridgeporth can provide a full 3D feasibility study to test the application of the technology to the target geology.

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