eFTG comes to Gabon

With their extensive experience of airborne operations in-country, AustinBridgeporth have been awarded three airborne enhanced full tensor gravity gradiometry (eFTG), magnetic and LiDAR surveys with a major operator over licences onshore and offshore Gabon.

The surveys have both pre and post-salt objectives and will help to improve the understanding of the rift basin architecture, basement structures and accurately map salt bodies in an area where 2D seismic data is of poor quality and difficult to acquire.


The eFTG, exclusive to AustinBridgeporth, is the latest generation gravity gradiometer and delivers multiple improvements in sensitivity, resolution, and signal-to-noise ratio over previous generation technologies.

Dr Mark Davies, CEO at AustinBridgeporth commented “Airborne gravity gradiometry is already a well-established exploration tool in Gabon so we are delighted to bring next generation eFTG technology here for the first time to provide new data in unprecedented detail.”

AustinBridgeporth will use a modified and modernised DC3 turbo prop survey aircraft equipped with a suite of exploration technologies including: eFTG with a fully integrated scalar gravimeter; magnetometer and LiDAR system. The LiDAR data will provide a highly accurate dataset for the purposes of gravity data terrain corrections, mapping surface geological features and providing a resource for planning future ground operations.

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