Bridgeporth commences Oyster Oil & Gas airborne gravity and magnetic survey in Djibouti

Oyster Oil & Gas Ltd has announced the commencement of an airborne gravity and magnetic survey in the Republic of Djibouti flown by Bridgeporth. The acquired gravity and magnetic data will cover onshore and offshore areas in southern Djibouti. Bridgeporth will also be processing and interpreting the acquired data. Read the whole story at Oyster Oil & Gas website

Processing Ascending

Bridgeporth’s Processing Department reached a significant milestone recently. The Processing Geophysicists in the department have processed over 500,000 line km of marine potential field data, that’s more kilometres than the circumference of Jupiter. In the 3 years since the department started it has not only processed marine potential field data but also airborne and land gravity and magnetic data that has been acquired by Bridgeporth or other service providers. Software used for processing is Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj together with proprietary Bridgeporth software. Other services provided are re-processing and merging of legacy datasets, mapping of satellite and Landsat imagery using GlobalMapper.  

Bridgeporth to Attend EAGE in Amsterdam

Bridgeporth to Attend EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam Bridgeporth is pleased to announce its upcoming attendance at the EAGE 2014 in Amsterdam, the 16th-19th of June.The 76th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2014 (in short: Amsterdam ’14) is the largest and most comprehensive geoscience event in the world. The six day programme includes a large conference, workshops, short courses, technical exhibition, student programme and field trips presenting the latest developments in geophysics, geology and reservoir/petroleum engineering. In 2013, more than 8,300 visitors from around the world attended the event. Bridgeporth will exhibiting at booth 1500, so please come by and visit us! If you plan on attending EAGE and would like to schedule a meeting with one of Bridgeporth’s representatives, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] Bridgeporth is looking forward to seeing you there!  

Bridgeporth Sponsors “Finding Petroleum: Leading Edge Exploration in Africa” Conference

Bridgeporth is pleased to announce that it is sponsoring in part the “Finding Petroleum: Leading Edge Exploration in Africa” Conference on March 26th, 2014. Bridgeporth places a high value on sponsoring the kind of quality discussions and technical presentations for which Finding Petroleum is known. The one day event focuses on innovation in African exploration, a field in which Bridgeporth has industry-leading expertise. The event focuses on where innovations might they be found; what are the key exploration themes; what new technologies do we need? Some ‘hotspots’ might be: Shale oil/shale gas: Are the most promising rocks the Silurian ‘hot shale’ of North Africa and, at the opposite end of the continent, the Karoo of South Africa? East African oil: Can the oily rift plays of Uganda and, now, Kenya be extended to the north, into Ethiopia, and to the…

Bridgeporth to Attend INDABA Conference in Cape Town

  Press Release: Bridgeporth to Attend African Mining Indaba   Bridgeporth is pleased to announce its upcoming attendance and exhibition at Mining Indaba in Cape Town, South Africa on February 3-6, 2014. For more than 19 years, the Investing in African Mining Indaba in collaboration with its partners in South Africa and the African continent, have channeled billions of dollars into the African mining value chain. The Investing in African Mining Indaba is the world’s largest mining investment conference, the world’s third largest mining conference, and Africa’s largest mining event. Global professionals including key mining analysts, fund managers, investment specialists, and governments clearly define Mining Indaba as their preferred venue for obtaining the most current economic and mining developments from the world’s leading experts on African mining. Bridgeporth will have a stand (#360) at the Cape Town International Convention Center. …