The benefits of the Gravity Module Assembly

Bridgeporth’s Chief Scientist, Gary Barnes, has a published article in the latest edition of Geophysical Prospecting. The special issue looks at Geophysical Instrumentation and Acquisition. Gary’s paper is titled The Gravity Module Assembly used in airborne full tensor gradiometry surveys and details the benefits of using the GMA alongside the Full Tensor Gradiometer during an airborne survey. The abstract can be read here A list of all the articles in Volume 67 Number 6 July 2019 are listed here: 2019 Geophysical Prospecting Issue Information

Jon Watson delivers virtual lecture for Robert Gordon University

Last December Jon Watson, Bridgeporth’s General Manger, was asked by Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen to deliver a virtual session for their Petroleum Data Management GradCert course. The session topic was Planning, Acquisition and Processing of gravity and magnetic data and a discussion of the associated information management challenges for this data type. Jon’s audience was made up of 20 students, half from the UK with the rest from Brazil, US, Canada, Netherlands, Nigeria, Ghana. They were from a mix of operators, NOCs, service companies and national data repositories The session was well received and the students really appreciated a practitioner perspective on this topic. For further information on this course at Robert Gordon University : BS3965 Managing Subsurface Exploration and Production Data.

AustinBridgeporth Newsletter

As the end of the year approaches we wanted to update you on our news and projects. It’s been an exciting year and we are expecting 2018 to be the same if not better. Please take a look at our  Newsletter

Gravimetry or Gravity Gradiometry – Which is the Correct Tool?

Bridgeporth’s Chief Scientist, Dr. Gary Barnes, will be participating in the forthcoming 78th EAGE Technical Programme in Vienna. Gary will be presenting on 3 June at workshop ‘WS16 – Potential Fields and their Gradient Tensors in the Integrated Inversion of Geophysical Data – New Advances and Perspectives’. He will discuss when gravity or gradiometry is the most appropriate measurement to be acquired and how this choice affects subsequent inversions for the target geology. For more information please click here: Potential Fields and their Gradient Tensors in the Integrated Inversion of Geophysical Data – New Advances and Perspectives

Bridgeporth commences Oyster Oil & Gas airborne gravity and magnetic survey in Djibouti

Oyster Oil & Gas Ltd has announced the commencement of an airborne gravity and magnetic survey in the Republic of Djibouti flown by Bridgeporth. The acquired gravity and magnetic data will cover onshore and offshore areas in southern Djibouti. Bridgeporth will also be processing and interpreting the acquired data. Read the whole story at Oyster Oil & Gas website

Processing Ascending

Bridgeporth’s Processing Department reached a significant milestone recently. The Processing Geophysicists in the department have processed over 500,000 line km of marine potential field data, that’s more kilometres than the circumference of Jupiter. In the 3 years since the department started it has not only processed marine potential field data but also airborne and land gravity and magnetic data that has been acquired by Bridgeporth or other service providers. Software used for processing is Geosoft’s Oasis Montaj together with proprietary Bridgeporth software. Other services provided are re-processing and merging of legacy datasets, mapping of satellite and Landsat imagery using GlobalMapper.  

Giving seismic an uplift with gravity and magnetics

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager champions the use of gravity and magnetics as a low-cost exploration tool that can deliver a cost benefit to exploration programs. In a recent article in Geosoft’s online magazine Earth Explorer, Jonathan advocates the use of gravity and magnetics in a variety of scenarios, such as frontier areas or seismically challenged areas, with minimal costs. To read the article in full, please click : Geosoft Earth Explorer June 2015  

Bridgeporth commences ERHC airborne gravity and magnetic survey in Chad

ERHC Energy Chad has announced the commencement of an airborne gravity and magnetic survey of BDS 2008 in Southern Chad flown by Bridgeporth Ltd. The acquired gravity and magnetic data covering North of Esso’s Tega and Maku discoveries in the Doseo basin and East of and on trend with OPIC’s Benoy-1 margin discovery in the Doba basin will also be processed and interpreted by Bridgeporth. Read the whole story here at ERHC’s website>  

Integration is key

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager delivered a webinar for Geosoft in August, re-iterating the importance of integrating  seismic and potential field data in an exploration program. The webinar was favourably received with a positive Question & Answer follow up to the talk. To watch the webinar and see the Questions and Answers, please go to>    

Bridgeporth presents…

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager spoke recently about the benefits of integrating potential field data with seismic data at Finding Petroleum event in London – Leading edge exploration in Africa. Jon will also being speaking at EAGE on Geosoft’s stand 1501. Find out more –