Bridgeporth presenting at Paris EAGE workshop

Jonathan Watson, General Manager at Bridgeporth, will be presenting at an EAGE workshop on 12 June. His poster presentation will concentrate on the latest advances in gravity instrumentation, how to apply the correct technique for the correct target and how to maximise its impact on the exploration cycle. For more information click:EAGE 2017 workshop

Giving seismic an uplift with gravity and magnetics

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager champions the use of gravity and magnetics as a low-cost exploration tool that can deliver a cost benefit to exploration programs. In a recent article in Geosoft’s online magazine Earth Explorer, Jonathan advocates the use of gravity and magnetics in a variety of scenarios, such as frontier areas or seismically challenged areas, with minimal costs. To read the article in full, please click : Geosoft Earth Explorer June 2015  

Integration is key

Jonathan Watson, Bridgeporth’s Interpretation Manager delivered a webinar for Geosoft in August, re-iterating the importance of integrating  seismic and potential field data in an exploration program. The webinar was favourably received with a positive Question & Answer follow up to the talk. To watch the webinar and see the Questions and Answers, please go to>