Gravity and magnetic data over Lease Sale 250

The U.S Department of the Interior offered their largest oil  & gas lease sale  in the United States on 21 March. AustinBridgeporth’s Data Library has 2D & 3D gravity and magnetic data covering large parts of the Lease Sale 250 area. Integrating gravity and magnetic data with your seismic data can provide a better picture of fault detection / accumulation, salt tectonics and complex thrust modelling. Take a look at our fact sheet to get more details: Lease Sale 250_Gravity & Magnetics_factsheet

Bridgeporth to Attend 2014 NAPE EXPO in Houston, TX

Bridgeporth is pleased to announce its upcoming attendance at the 2014 Nape Expo in Houston, Texas, from February 4-7th. NAPE International is a destination for building partnerships and facilitating oil and gas deals face-to-face. NAPE is the leader in prospect exposition and capital sourcing for oil and gas exploration. Its venue brings prospects, capital providers and vendors under one roof to network, provides  economic benefit to the participants and promotes all aspects of different countries with oil and gas exploration, mining and extractive natural resource business. NAPE offers an exhibit hall dedicated to one thing – getting deals done.  The NAPE experience is dedicated to high-level networking and bringing together the prospectors, the investors, and the vendors.  Winter NAPE is the largest forum; from networking to deal-making, NAPE is “Producing Prospects.” If you plan on attending NAPE and would like to…